Are you looking to escape mayhem, looting, arson, civil unrest, and high taxes?

Have you done the simple calculation as to how much money you’ll save each year by moving to this magical piece of land in New Hampshire? Do you realize New Hampshire has NO INCOME TAX and NO SALES TAX?

You could save over $100,000 per year if you’ve got a respectable income.


  • driveways
  • electric
  • blasting

The current price to install a driveway to your building site and extend electricity to your home site may take your breath away.

The current cost to clear trees, cut in the driveway, install filter fabric, and the two layers of gravel for the driveway ranges from $400 to $450 per linear foot. A 300-foot-long driveway may cost you $127,500! Sure, you might find a cheaper contractor, but will he know exactly how to put in a driveway that will stand the test of time like the one on my 90 acres?

My land already has a 2,600-foot long driveway installed with electric to the top of the hill.

If the electric service is not yet extended into the land, wait until you get the price from the NHEC or other utility.

The electric has already been extended up the entire driveway to your home site on my land!

Many hilltop lots in NH were scraped clean by the last continental glacier that melted 13,000 years ago. The soil cover might be less than 16 inches deep. This means you’ll have to BLAST to create a foundation.

Reach out to a blasting company to see what the average fee is. Don’t be shocked when you hear $20,000.

The prime building spot on my 90 acres has already been tested. I dug a ten-foot-deep hole a few years ago and it was nothing but stable well-drained compacted glacial sand. In other words, no blasting is required.

My 90-acre tract is ready to become your piece of legacy land. It’s ready right now for you to build your dream home.

Do you want to live in a secure enclave and not worry about your safety? Living on this 90 acres is akin to living in the fabulous Neuschwanstein Castle.

You’ll never again find a large tract of land in central NH with the LOCATION,¬† the water features, installed improvements, and privacy this 90 acres offers for this price.

So you tell me how much this land is worth. There are some who say it’s priceless.

The lot adjacent to mine in the subdivision, Lot #4, is currently listed at $11,153 PER ACRE. It has no view. It has no water features. It requires $20,000 worth of clearing and road building to access the building site.

BROKERS/Saleswomen/men PROTECTED – I will pay the industry-standard 3% co-op commission you’d get on any other listing that’s not yours.

If you feel uncomfortable working with us directly, then engage a buyer broker.

I’ll gladly compensate them on your behalf. It’s normal for your agent to get a 3% commission on a listing that’s not hers/his. This is a FSBO listing – I’m the listing agent.

Rest assured you’ll never see another tract of land like this available in the state of New Hampshire.

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Pristine Stream – Waterfalls – Open Fields – Deep Forest – Legacy Land