Overhead electric from the New Hampshire Electric Coop has already been extended to the top of the gravel driveway.


High-speed Internet access is available along Old Bristol Road.

High-speed wireless Internet is just a few years away. Verify searching any wireless phone blog or news.


Soil is very sandy and a full gravity septic system is easily installed.


Recently drilled well on Lot #1 of subdivision by neighbor has “water pure enough to bottle” – direct quote of well driller.


The primary building locations for a home all have magnificent southern exposure for PV panels for electricity generation or for solar hot water. The New Hampshire Electric Coop (NHEC) is obligated to buy back any electricity you produce with PV panels.


The stream on the property has enough water flow to power a substantial microhydro generator that produces electricity 24/7 for eight months out of the year. It would take no time to turn this generator into a positive revenue source since it would generate so much excess electricity purchased by the NHEC.


The 90 acres has enough hardwood timber on it to supply firewood for decades not counting new growth that would constantly replenish what was cut.


Numerous suppliers are in the immediate area selling propane or fuel oil as a backup heating fuel.

Pristine Stream – Waterfalls – Open Fields – Deep Forest – Legacy Land